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  • What is the BGYFL?  We are a member franchise of the Bill George Youth Football League.  The BGYFL has been around for more than 50 years and is currently comprised of 17 suburban towns as member franchises.  More information about the BGYFL can be found online at 


  • When does the season officially start? The 2017 season officially starts on Monday, July 31 when teams begin practicing 4-5 days a week in preparation for the first game weekend on September 2-3.


  • When does the season end?  The season ends between the end of October and mid-November, depending on how far a team advances in the playoffs.  The BGYFL’s championship weekend for 2017 is scheduled for November 17-19 at Benedictine University in Lisle.  All teams are eligible for the playoffs within their division, except for our introductory 73 lb. level which generally plays one playoff-style game the weekend after the last game of the regular season.


  • When are games played?  The first weekend of the 2017 regular season is the weekend of September 2-3.  Games are generally played on Saturday or Sunday, with the only exceptions generally being games postponed and rescheduled due to weather which generally occur on a weeknight.  Game start times are generally from 8:30 AM through 4:00 PM.  Games last approximately 1.5 hours.  Players are required to arrive at games no later than 1 hour before the scheduled game time for weigh-ins.  The 2017 game schedule will be available by mid-August.


  • How many games are in the season?  There are nine regular season games for 2017.


  • Where are the games played? Our home field is Brook Park, located at the far east end of Third Avenue in Hinsdale.  Subject to availability, upper-level teams may also play certain home games at Hinsdale Central High School.  Away games are played at various locations around the BGYFL.  Most away games are no more than a 15-30 minute drive.


  • What is the practice schedule?  Practices for 2017 begin the week of Monday, July 31.  Prior to the start of school, practices are generally 4-5 days per week, depending on team, usually running between 90 minutes to 2 hours.  Once school begins, practices are 3 days per week (generally Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).  Practices usually start between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM.  Your team’s actual practice schedule may vary slightly depending on level and coaching staff.


  • Where are practices?  Each team’s 2017 practice field assignment will be determined before the start of practice.  For our younger levels, we have utilized practice fields at Oak School, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Veeck Park, Peirce Park, and Burns Field, among others.  Our Senior and JV levels generally practice at Hinsdale Central High School.  In the event of inclement weather, some of our teams may practice indoors (and have used the MAX and Westmont Yard); your team’s coach or manager will communicate with you if and when those circumstances arise.


  • Does a parent need to be present at practice? No, a parent is not required to attend practice.  However, parents must be readily accessible via phone in the event of an emergency or a change in weather or field conditions where practice will need to end early.  We also expect parents to promptly drop off and pick up their child (or make arrangements to do so) at the allotted start/end times for all practices.


  • What kind of equipment does the organization provide?  We currently provide the majority of the needed equipment:  helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, knee pads, practice and game pants (w/belt), and practice and game jerseys.  For 2017, we will be handing out equipment during the weekend ofJuly 8-9.  Other required equipment that we do NOT provide include a mouthguard, athletic protector/cup, cleatsm, an integrated padded girdle (with thigh, hip and tailbone pads), and an integrated padded compression shirt (with rib and shoulder protection).  All equipment provided by us must be turned in to us after the end of season to avoid additional charges (we require a credit card to be furnished at equipment handout which is only charged if equipment is not returned or is damaged).  Parents are always free to purchase their own equipment.


  • Tell me more about the coaching staff.  What are their qualifications?  Our coaches are volunteers who make a significant commitment to the program and to the development of young football players with a focus on fundamentals, safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and fun.  Many are parents of current or former Falcons players.  All coaches are initially certified and annually re-certified prior to the start of each season through USA Football’s HEADS UP football program.  More information about USA Football and its HEADS UP football program can be found online


  • Does my player need previous experience?  No.


  • What are the various levels and how will my player be placed on a level?  Your player will be assigned to a level by age.  There are 6 sequential levels in the BGYFL:  BG8U (introductory level, generally 2nd/3rd graders, must not have turned 9 years old by August 1); BG9U (generally 4thgraders, must not have turned 10 years old by August 1); BG10U (generally 5th graders, much not have turned 11 years old by August 1); BG11U (generally 6th graders, must not have turned 12 years old by August 1); BG12U (generally 7th graders, must not have turned 13 years old by August 1); and Varsity (generally 8th graders, must not be enrolled in high school).  The BGYFL also includes the concept of “stripers” at each level, meaning that heavier players for their age/level will be required to play exclusively on the offensive and/or defensive line.  Younger players may also qualify to play at a level higher than their age/grade would warrant, if deemed appropriate by us in consultation with the player’s coaches and parents.  The 2017 BGYFL Weight Chart is posted to our website.


  • What are the teams and how will my player be placed on a team within a level?  Within each level, there will generally be a Gold team and, if numbers permit, a Silver team.  Both the Gold and Silver divisions are highly competitive, but the Gold division is intended for more experienced players/competition while the Silver division is intended to be more developmental.  If there are multiple teams within a level, your player will be placed on a team by the coaching staff at the applicable level.  Age, weight and experience, among other things, are all considerations in team assignments.  Team sizes can range from 13 players up to 26 players (the league maximum).