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What are the 2019 Falcon Cheer registration fees? 


Going into 5th thru 8th grade in August 2018:             Regular $420 - 4/08/19 - 6/03/19.  



Going into 2nd/3rd and 4th grade in August 2018:      Regular $350.00 -  4/08/18 - 6/03/19


For all grades Registration will close at 12:00 Midnight on 6/03/19.

What is the refund policy? 

4/01/18 - 6/1/18 - amount paid minus $100.  No cheerleading refunds after June 15, 2019 .

What do the fees include? 

Franchise fees, competition bow, competition fees, uniform rental, practice space rental, team mom safety certifications, coach’s clinic, registration fee, junior coach training, junior coach stipends, and misc. squad expenses.

Do I have to buy a uniform? 

No. Falcon Cheer provides the uniform. It must be returned in good condition at the end of the season.

Are there other items I need to purchase? 

Yes. There are mandatory spirit/practice wear items you will be required to buy at our Spirit Wear sale and cheer shoe sale. 1st year cost is approximately $100-$150. We encourage parents to buy “big” so the cheerleader can use the clothing for more than one year.

When does the cheer season start?

Practice may begin as early as August 1st at the coach’s discretion. Mandatory practice begins the 2nd week of August.

What time/day is practice?  


In the summer, squads practice 4 days a week for 2 hours each day until school starts. Days/times are at the coach’s discretion.  Once school starts practice is usually 2 per days week for 2hrs.each day in the evenings. All days/times are at the individual coach’s discretion.


Mandatory practice will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-9pm at the Westmont Yard.

Where is practice?  

Summer practice is held at various parks in the Hinsdale/Clarendon Hills area. Once school begins most cheer squads will practice indoors at Westmont Yard in Westmont.

Are practices mandatory? 

YesSee Cheer Attendance Policy posted on our website under “Cheerleading”.




When are the games?  

Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays beginning the last week of August thru mid/November. You will cheer on either Sat. or Sun. every weekend. There are eight regular games in the season plus playoffs and the superbowl.

When will I know the game schedule?  

The Bill George Youth Football League ( posts the schedule in late August.  Shortly afterwards, the Cheer Board assigns squads to each game.

Where are the games?  

Home games are played at Brook Park in Hinsdale (3rd St. & Columbia in the Woodlands) or occasionally at Hinsdale Central High School (Grant St. & 55th St.).  Away games can be anywhere from 20 min to 1 hour away.

Are football games mandatory? 

YesSee Cheer Attendance Policy posted on our website under “Cheerleading”.

When does the season end? 

The regular season ends in mid November.  If a squad (grades 5th-8th) qualifies for the IRCA State Competition and decides to participate, their season will continue with practices thru early December.

Do the cheerleaders participate in Competitions? 



8th, 7th, and 5th grade squads will compete in 2-3 total competitions

2nd/3rd and 4th grade squad will compete in 1 total competition


Are the Competitions mandatory?  

YesSee Cheer Attendance Policy posted on our website under “Cheerleading”.

What are the Competition dates?


You will be given the Competition dates during your first week of Indoor practice.


Who will coach my cheerleader? 

Falcon Cheer is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Two parent volunteers from each squad will be “team coaches” and 3-4 past Falcon cheerleaders, and generally Hinsdale Central Red Devil cheerleaders, will be “junior coaches” for each squad. The junior coaches will make up and teach the routine. Adult coaches are in a supervisory and organizational role.  Junior coaches may receive a modest stipend for their significant time and commitment.

Will my cheerleader be placed on a squad with her friends?  

Falcon Cheer tries to accommodate as many cheerleaders as possible every year and each squad is limited by number according to our bylaws therefore the Cheer Board reserves the right to place any individual cheerleader keeping in mind the best interest of the organization. We will, however, try our best to put at least two cheerleaders together from the same school whenever possible.

When is the MANDATORY Parent Meeting for my cheerleader’s squad?  

In April for new cheerleaders.  You will be informed by your coach on time and location.